How the use the Signitic Add-in

How to use the Signitic Add-in as a user?

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We just informed you that email signatures are now managed by Signitic directly on Outlook? But what does it mean, concretely?

Signitic allows you to define a signature for you while respecting many requirements such as the data entered, your branding or the type of email you write.

What is the Add-in for?

By deploying the Signitic Add-in on your Outlook, it allows you to:

  • have an up-to-date signature at all times on the Outlook Windows/Mac/Outlook Web platforms & Mobile (IOS/Android)

  • edit your signature information without impacting the format

  • choose the right communication campaign

By default, your Signitic signature is automatically displayed for new messages or reply/forward messages.

There is nothing to do on your side for this to be effective and Signitic signatures take over the signatures defined in Outlook.

1️⃣ Start by opening a new message

When composing a new message or a reply, you should see the Signitic logo in the taskbar (or in the "..." on the right).

By clicking on the Signitic logo, a side panel will open.

2️⃣ Access the Add-in

Change the information in your signature

From this panel, you will be able to click on your name to access the form to edit your signature information (1).

You will be able to modify: your contact details, your job title, your photo, your salutation according to the restrictions imposed by your company.

Change your signature

You also have the option to switch between signatures using the selection bar (2) and to set your current signature by clicking on the visual (3).

⚠️ If you have any problems using the Signitic Add-in, please report it to your Signitic administrator.

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