Data inheritance

Signitic has 3 levels of segmentation: the entity, the sub-entity and the group.

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The notion of "inheritance" makes it possible to retrieve common data (logo, switchboard number, social networks, etc.) between all the entities and groups from the superior entity and/or group (and so on).

No need to copy/paste your information in each entity!

👉🏻 Simply enter the information in your main entity and your other entities will inherit it.

Thus, your sub-groups inherit the information present in your sub-entity.

⚠️ If this data is not present in your sub-entities, Signitic will bring up your information from: Your groups and/or the entity attached to the starting sub-group.

Signitic has 3 levels of segmentation:

No. 1: The entity

This is your company's "identity card".

👉🏻 It allows you to fill in data relating to your company that is not included in your AD, such as social networks, website, slogan or postal address.

It allows you to retrieve your company's links and data and then assign them to your various signature templates.

N°2: The group

Groups allow you to categorise your users to assign them :

👉🏻 A signature template

👉🏻 One (or more) communication campaign(s).


If your entity is made up of a sales force and an administrative team, you can for example create:

  • A sales group

  • An administrative group

This will allow you to apply a different signature model and/or communication campaign.

N°3: The sub-entity

The sub-entity is one of the sub-levels of segmentation in the Signitic tree.

It has the same properties as the main entity, the only difference being that if the information is not filled in, it will inherit the data from the higher entity.

👉🏻 It allows you to create a different entity and to assign groups to it as for a classic entity.

👉🏻 The sub-entity also allows you to link your different entities/brands/offices/subsidiaries/countries to your main entity.

It thus allows you to segment your users by brands/groups according to the different languages your company wants to communicate on, for example.

💡 Tip:

In order to automate Signitic as much as possible, we advise you to fill in all the information related to your main entity beforehand so that the notion of inheritance can be applied in your groups and sub-entities.

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