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Assign an administrator or co-administrator role to a user
Assign an administrator or co-administrator role to a user

How do I assign an administrator or co-administrator role to a user?

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On Signitic, you can manage your administrators and co-administrators as well as their permissions: you can delegate part or all of the administration of your account to users.

Reminder of the roles :

  • The Admin role allows access to all Signitic features without any restrictions.

  • The Co-admin role has access to all Signitic functionalities except the sensitive account settings (subscription, connector, signature, etc...).

1️⃣ Access your settings

From your security settings click on : See to the right of the Admin or Co-admin role depending on the role you wish to assign.

2️⃣ Add a user

In the Edit module, you have the possibility to add the user of your choice.

Click on : Add an admin to open the drop-down list.

3️⃣ Assign permissions

You can then manually assign Permissions by checking/unchecking the boxes of your choice.

4️⃣ Save

To finalise the allocation of the new role, simply click on save.

An email will be sent to the user indicating the creation of his account only if he was not administrator before the change.

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