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Group segmentation
Group segmentation

How do I create a group and assign users to it?

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Groups allow you to categorize your users so you can choose specific template or campaigns for each group.

If your entity is composed of a sales force and an administrative team, you can for example create 2 groups in order to apply a template and / or a different communication campaign to them.

1️⃣ Create your group

Go to the Organisation menu: Click on Groups and then Edit.

You can then add as many groups as you wish.

2️⃣ Assign users to a group

Then go to the Users section to place the users of your choice in the group you have just created.

To do this, select the user of your choice, click on Modify.

The choice is made using the drop-down list in the Group area.

A notification appears at the top left of the interface to inform you that the group change has been successfully completed.

Tips : Grouped Actions

You can change the group of several users by using the grouped actions in the Users menu.

Select the collaborators of your choice, then click on Grouped actions, then Bulk Edit so you can choose the group of your choice.

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