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Add social media icons to my template
Add social media icons to my template

How can I add social media icons to my template?

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You can add social media icons to your template.

1️⃣ Access to the template menu

To add your social networks to your signature template, go to the template menu.

2️⃣ Drag and drop

From the template editor, select the Social Networks object, then drag and drop it anywhere in the template.

3️⃣ Change the order

Click on the social networks block to bring up the menu that will allow you to change the positioning of your icons.

In the "positioning" part of the menu, you will see all the available icons. Then simply drag and drop the social networks selected in the menu into the desired order.

To activate or disable a network, simply check/uncheck it

4️⃣ Change the size, shape or colour

In the same menu you can change the shape, direction, size and colours.

5️⃣ Choose on which type of email your social networks will be displayed

If you are using Outlook you have the choice of whether or not your icons appear when you send a new message or reply to an email. You can also choose according to the type of email (internal/external).

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