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Force the update of your signatures or users
Force the update of your signatures or users

How do I update my signature?

Updated over a week ago

Signitic automatically performs a daily update of :

  • The user list (new and deleted user)

  • The signature + campaign of each user enable

However, you have the possibility to perform one of these two actions directly from the menu thanks to the manual synchronisation.

Manual synchronization

To activate the manual synchronisation, simply click on the synchronisation icon at the top right of the interface.

  • If you wish to update the signatures and/or your new campaign, click on : Update signatures.

  • If you wish to update your users following an addition or a deletion, click on : Reload users.

👉🏻 These manual updates take less than 60 minutes.

Once they are done, their status appears completed!

⚠️ Make sure you refresh your webmail page (Ctrl + Shift + R) to see your new signature.

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