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Create a custom subdomain
Create a custom subdomain

Easily set up a custom subdomain for hyperlinks and images in your email signatures.

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To avoid altering your deliverability and prevent your emails from falling into spam because of your signature, we strongly advise you to set up a custom domain.

1️⃣ Set up your subdomain in Signitic

Go to the Settings in your administration interface.

We advise you to choose as subdomain

⛔ Forbidden keywords: track, tracking, signitic, click, etc.

2️⃣ Create a CNAME record

Once you have filled it in in step 1, a small blue block will appear: this is the DNS record that you need to add on the side of your hosting service.

The way CNAME records are created varies depending on the hosting service. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for advice from the company concerned (OVH, AWS, Google Domains, Ionos, Gandi, etc).

The main steps are :

  1. Create a new DNS record (example:

  2. Choose CNAME as record type.

  3. Enter in the record value.

3️⃣ Test the subdomain

Once the CNAME is set up, you should see the following screen when accessing your subdomain (example: :

4️⃣ Validate your subdomain

As soon as the previous steps have been validated, go back to the settings in your administration interface: your subdomain has been validated!

The next time you update your signatures, the links will automatically take the form of

👀 Monitoring

In order not to have any problem with your subdomains, Signitic has in place a daily monitoring to check that your subdomain is still active. In case of a problem you will be notified immediately.

🖼️ My images no longer load

When using Windows Server, it is important to configure in the DNS Manager the external redirection of this new DNS.

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