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Create email signature banner with Canva in Signitic
Create email signature banner with Canva in Signitic

How to create or modify a banner easily with Canva in Signitic?

Updated over a week ago

To quickly and easily create a splendid communication banner, Signitic allows you to create design on Canva directly from the Campaigns module.

1️⃣ Create a new campaign

Go to the Campaigns tab and then Create a campaign in the top right corner.

2️⃣ Create with Canva

Click on Create with Canva.

Canva will ask you then to login or sign up to use the service.

Once logged in, it's up to you to play with Canva designer! (Canva help center)

Once your design is finished, just click on Import into Signitic and your banner will be directly inserted into Signitic.

⚠️ Warning: If the Edit with Canva button does not appear, it means that the campaign was created by importing a design from your computer and not from Canva. Don't panic, you can always create a new one to use Canva's features.

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