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Installation guide for Google Workspace

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This guide is for companies or associations using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) as an email manager. At the end of this guide, you will be able to use Signitic with your directory users and deploy your signatures on Gmail.

1️⃣ Connect Google Workspace to Signitic

Go to the Connectors tab in your administration interface and choose Google Workspace.

Fill in the administrator's e-mail address and click on "Install".

2️⃣ Authorise access

A new Google Workspace window opens: you must accept the different permissions.

⚠️ : You must install Signitic for the whole domain and not only for some OU (Signitic will not be able to correctly update the signatures of your collaborators).

3️⃣ Synchronize

If the connection was successful, the Google Workspace window will have closed automatically. Go back to your Signitic tab and click on "Install".

Your Google directory is now fully synchronized with Signitic.
Your domains and users are now imported.

Additional information

As with all Destination connectors, it is important to enable signature updates on the connector if you want to see them updated.

To do this, go to the connector settings, select Google Workspace "Edit Integration" and enable the update.

See my gmail signature

Refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R) your Gmail to discover your new signature!

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