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Adding conditions to a block
Adding conditions to a block

How to add conditions on blocs?

Updated over a week ago

In the template editor, each block has a Conditions menu where you can choose conditions to display the block.

1️⃣ Access your signature templates

From the template menu, choose the desired signature template and click on edit.

2️⃣ Enable/disable conditions

Select a block and click on Conditions.

You have several options:

On all blocks :

You can choose if the block is displayed :

  • Only on new emails

  • Only on replies/forwards

  • On both

Via the add-in:

You can choose on which type of email the template is displayed:

  • Internally

  • Externally

  • On both

On the photo block

You have the possibility to choose the Replace option if your user does not have a photo. In this case the photo will be replaced by the company logo.

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