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How do I update the quantity of licenses in my subscription?

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Your subscription includes a certain number of licenses which corresponds to the number of signatures you can update during 1 month.

Each licence is assigned to an active user, with a signature template.

👉🏻 If you have new employees in your organisation and you no longer have a licence, you can simply modify your current subscription to add licences.

1️⃣ Go to your settings

To change your subscription, go to your Subscription Settings.

Then click on Modify my subscription.

2️⃣ Modify your subscription

On the subscription portal, you will find the number of licenses you have, your renewal date, a button to update the quantity and another to cancel the subscription.

When you update your subscription, you will be billed immediately for the number of licenses added to your subscription in proportion to the remaining months.

Ex. I have a subscription of 10 licenses for 6 months, I add 5 licenses. I'm billed 5€ x 6 months (remaining) + VAT, for a total of 36€ immediately.

I now have 15 licenses in my subscription and I can activate 5 more users.

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