How to add my Signitic signature on Hubspot?

Updated over a week ago

Signitic does not have a native integration with Hubspot for the moment but if you still want to add your Signitic signatures on your Hubspot profile, here is the steps to follow.

Warning: Every user who wants to have a Signitic signature on Hubspot must follow this guide. The signatures will not be updated every night and so this manipulation is required each time the signature is updated.

1️⃣ Copy the HTML of your signature

You can find the HTML signature in the user setting.

Your users can also do it themselves, go to the Signitic information edit page here:

Log in via Google, Micrososft 365 or via your login key and click on the Copy HTML button.

2️⃣ Add the signature in Hubspot

In your General settings in Hubspot, you should have an Email tab and an Edit email signature button :

Then, just paste your signature in the HTML Editor part.

The Signitic signature should now appear in every new email in Hubspot.

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