Multi-signature on Gmail

How to have multiple Signitic signatures on Gmail?

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Note: This guide is only valid for accounts connected to Google Workspace.

Here is a step by step guide to add another signature on your collaborators' Gmail.

We will try to answer the following use case during this guide:

My agency manager wants to have a signature for Agency A and Agency B on his Gmail.

1️⃣ Create a Google Worskpace alias (Admin Google Workspace)

To be able to update the right signature on Gmail, you need to create another user on Signitic and therefore on Google Workspace. To create an alias, you will have to ask the person in charge of Google Workspace to do it.

For our example, I will ask the IT department to create an alias on the user

2️⃣ Remount the alias on Signitic (Admin Signitic)

Once the alias has been created on Google Workspace, we will verify that the user is being brought up on our Signitic account:

  • Verified that alias import option is enabled on my connector

  • Start an user update on the emergency console

If everything goes well, you should have recovered your user on your Signitic account by now, for our example, I recover the user

⚠️ Note: Each alias added in Signitic will consume a license like a regular user.

3️⃣ Edit the alias (Signitic admin)

Once added, you must :

  • Checked and filled in the information of the alias

  • Assign the right template to the alias group.

4️⃣ Add the alias to the user's Gmail (End User)

The last step happens at the Gmail level of your collaborator, by following this guide, he should be able to add an alias in his Gmail and his signatures will be updated the next day.

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