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Install the Signitic Agent for MacOS
Install the Signitic Agent for MacOS

Installation guide for Outlook on MacOS

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Attention: If you are an administrator and have not yet deployed the Signitic Add-in, please follow this guide. If the Signitic Add-in is not an option for you, you can always install the Signitic agent by following this guide.

This guide is intended for users who wish to enjoy their Signitic signature on Outlook on their Mac.

1️⃣ Download the Outlook plugin

Download the Outlook plugin by clicking on the button below:

Warning: Several versions of the Signitic Agent are available. Check carefully which one is appropriate for your system.

2️⃣ Drag and drop

Drag and drop in the Applications folder.

3️⃣ Login

Connect via Google, Office 365 or with your login key.

4️⃣ Update your signature

Update your signature by clicking on the Update button on the bottom of your profile page.

5️⃣ You can choose your default signature

Your signature will now appear into your current signatures. You can also choose your default signature to be your new Signitic signature.

6️⃣ If your signature does not updated...

If the signature is not updated and/or the loading is running in a vacuum, open "System Preferences" on your Mac, click on the "Security and Privacy" icon and check that in "Automation" the boxes related to Signitic are checked.

Known issues on MacOS

In this article, you will find an exhaustive list of known problems on the Mac if your signature does not update.

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