Rewriting data

How to enable the data override for my connector?

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At the first import of your users, Signitic retrieves the information from your connector.

On the other hand, when a user is present in Signitic and his information changes in your directory, the user will not be updated in Signitic.

👉🏻 To change this behavior, you have the possibility to enable the data override.

1️⃣ Go to Settings

Go to Settings > Connectors and click on the installed connector.

2️⃣ Enable/disable the option to rewrite data

In the Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace Source connectors you will find the following option "Rewrite data".

You will find the Source Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace connectors and the following option "Rewrite data".

Every day, your user information such as phone or title will be updated from your directory.

💡Tip: If you have specific situations that you want to manage in Signitic, you can always pin specific fields to avoid this update.

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