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Tips and size of the banner
Tips and size of the banner

How to create an effective communication banner?

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Signitic allows you to integrate communication banners into your signature.

It is important that your banner is readable. The size of the banner must be adapted, with a clear message, the choice of colours coherent and adapted to your graphic charter.

To create a banner, you have two choices:

  • Create your banner with the software of your choice, then import it

  • Create your banner directly on Signitic via Canva

1️⃣ The size of your banner

This should not exceed 600px x 200px.

More generally, the first thing to do is to think about your e-mail signature as a whole. Thus, if your signature is 500px wide, opt for a campaign of the same width.

2️⃣ The format of your banner

Only .jpg, .png and .gif formats are accepted.

However, we advise you to use the .png format for a better rendering or the .gif format to make your campaign as attractive as possible (it will more easily capture the attention of your recipient).

3️⃣ The content

To make an effective banner it is important that your message is clear and readable. Be concise and to the point.

We also advise you to add a call to action which will redirect your target to a new page. It will make it easier for your recipient to take action.

An effective CTA can encourage your recipient to contact you or simply promote your company's offers. You can promote a new offer, a new article or an event.

To be effective, limit the use of one CTA per email banner.

Once your design is finished, all you have to do is import it into Signitic.

Your banner will appear in preview with your signature template, so you can change the format to your liking.

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