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Global deployment of Outlook add-in
Global deployment of Outlook add-in

Install Outlook Signitic add-in step by step for all employees.

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Outlook add-ins are a new possibility offered by Microsoft since September 2021. In addition to the many possibilities that this allows, its great strength is the simultaneous and global deployment to users on all media.

⚠️ Please review the prerequisites before installing the Signitic add-in.

🚫 The add-in should not be installed individually by end users.

1️⃣ Install add-in

To deploy the add-in you must be a Microsoft 365 administrator and have the Global Administrator role, if this is the case, click on the button below.

2️⃣ Choose the target

  • Only me

  • Entire organization
    All users in your organization will have the Signitic add-in installed.

  • Specific users/groups
    This allows you to deploy to a specific part of your organization. This is recommended during the test phase.

3️⃣ Accepting authorizations

It is necessary to accept the authorizations for the proper functioning of the complement.

4️⃣ Activation of the add-in

🕐 Deployment time : It can take up to 72 hours before the add-in is visible on users' Outlooks.

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