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Deploy the vCard module
Deploy the vCard module
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You've taken out a Signitic vCard subscription and want to know how to deploy it for your users?

1 - Go to Settings

If you haven't already done so, click on "Activate".

Go to the "QR Code" tab:

Here you can set up your vCard module for your users.

Here you'll find an important option:

When the QR Code is scanned, either the person downloads the vCard to their phone (thus adding it directly to their contacts), or the user is redirected to the user's Signitic vCard page.

You can also activate the default vCard for your users with this option:

2 - How do I activate it for my users?

This time, go to the "Users" tab, then to "vCard", where you'll find the Signitic vCard option. Simply tick it to activate the vCard.

3 - Share your users' vCards:

This allows your users, for example, to activate their vCard on appleWallet, I redirect you to this article for more details.

Share individually:

The selected user will receive his vCard by e-mail.

Sharing in a group :

If you want to share the vCards of several users, nothing could be simpler: go to the "Users" tab, tick the relevant users, then "Group action" and the "Share vCards" option.

In conclusion, virtual business cards are a modern, eco-friendly and practical way of sharing your business information anywhere.

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